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  Childrens Parties Devon  

Although especially popular for children’s parties, at Honiton Pottery we cater for all – school outings, clubs, hen/stag parties, work team-building, or just a social evening. We welcome evening bookings any day of the week for ten or more. We're not licensed, but you can bring along your own favourite alcoholic refreshments.

Childresn Parties Devon    

Children of all ages love having a party at Honiton Pottery as they can let their imaginations run wild.  They get to choose any pre-fired bisqueware to paint – we have over 50 lines to choose from.

It’s a great party for the Mums and Dads because we look after the children, help them with their art work and even clean up afterwards!  Mums and Dads can join in the fun or choose to relax and enjoy a coffee downstairs in our Milkshake Bar.

As part of the Birthday Package we provide the drinks and either a choice from the ice cream dessert menu or a burger and fries meal.  Mum and Dad can bring the birthday cake or we can provide a personalised one for you.

A member of staff will always be on hand to assist.  However, we may need some additional parents depending on the age of the children.

All of the paints we use on bisque are water based and non-toxic, therefore suitable for even the youngest members of the family to get involved.

Painting Birthday Packages range from £12 per head to £17 per head.  Please telephone or email for more information.

Childrens Parties Devon
Devon Childresn Parties
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Hen parties with a difference!

 We have some brilliant hen party ideas.  Bubbly is not included, but please feel free to bring your own!

Hen Party Plan 1: Each member of the Hen Party can select a piece of pottery from our display to paint for themselves.  In addition we provide a large platter for each member of the group to sign and wish the Hen well.

Cost per person is £15.00 – minimum of 8 people

Hen Party Plan 2: The party is given a breakfast set - tea/coffee pot, cups/mugs, small plates, bowls etc and a large platter to paint for the hen. The amount of items depends on the size of the group.

If guests wish to paint something for themselves in addition, then the cost of that item is charged as extra.

Cost per person is £15.00 – minimum of 8 people.

An optional finger buffet to include, dips, cruidites, quiche, pizza etc can be arranged.  Don’t forget to bring your own bubbly!

Cost:  £5.50 per person – minimum of 10 people.

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East Devon Childrens Parties    

At Honiton Pottery Shop and Milkshake Bar we can host office / corporate Lleaving parties, teambuilding or just an afternoon away from the office!

If there is something we haven't mentioned why not give us a call and we will try and cater for your requirements.

Why not visit us for something different to do!  Please email and call Lisa on 01404 42106 to discuss your requirements.

  Childresn Parties East Devon

Birthday parties at the shop have become very popular. 

There are several options available to you:

          *        you and baby can call into the Honiton Pottery Shop and we can take the prints in a matter of minutes.  Before prints are made, we recommend toys, treats, full tummies, and plenty of rest.  We gently press the hand and/or foot into the soft clay, making a lasting imprint of your child.  There is no age requirement.

You may even decide to stay for lunch or coffee afterwards. It is essential that you telephone to book an appointment first – 01404 42106. Or;

        *        you could organise a party at your own house.  Get your group (toddler group, post natal group etc) together and have a Hand and Foot Print Party!!  Makes a fun activity for playgroups or birthday parties.  If you have a group of 5 or more children (not including yourself) you can host a party.  The host receives one print for free for organizing the event. So have some fun and get your prints for free.  Makes a great activity for any group.

          *        if you are not local and not interested in organising a party, we can help you too.  We can post the clay with full instructions, you then post the clay with impression back to us, we then glaze and fire and post the finished item back to you again.

For more details on this and anything else please call Lisa on 01404 42106


For more details on anything else please call Lisa on 01404 42106
Honiton Pottery 30 High Street, Honiton, EX14 1PU